Saturday, June 30, 2007

scotty doesn't know

New York was AMAZING! On saturday I was finally healthy enough to leave the house. Ron and I had the pleasure of babysistting my niece Matilda for a few hours before going out. We watched a lot of kids music videos, one featuring the guitarist of the Flaming Lips, which was funny.

When we finally did go out, we went to a sweet sixteen he was hired to photograph for cobrasnake.... The only tight part of the party was the tub.

We then headed off to misshapes for a bit, and then headed home.

Sunday I had a really fun night with Dana, Pookie, Isabelle, Jackson and Turner. We played hide and go seek and scattegories. Now, I can't stop playing scattegories, so thanks guys! But it was my best night in New York.

Monday night was the Degrassi party, that I was flown out to attend :D. It was at Marquee, which was fun. Mark and Steve and Danny were hired for the night, and I had a guest list of a few friends that came along.

I got caught drinking by the mean bouncer who thought it was really necessary to stamp my hands 15 times.

After the degrassi party, we ran into Lance at Butter, where I asked him why he didn't go to the moon. He then gave me a drink. Good times. We also saw Lil Jon and Fergie, and I swear I saw Akon. Mark and I headed over to Darkroom and then I called it a night. I missed my flight the next morning, and ended up getting on a later flight that was then cancelled. I did not return to Los Angeles until Wednesday night.

On Thursday, I turned 19! I had a dinner with some amazing people at Maggiano's then went to the party at LACMA, which was SO FUN! A great way to spend my birthday, really.

On Sunday, I worked as a hair model in the coloring department for a Bumble and Bumble show. They dyed my hair a little bit, and trimmed the ends. The show was really fun and I was with most of my friends so it was not only a fun but interesting experience.

We left Bumble and Bumle and went to Alana's birthday BBQ, which was sooo cute.

Then Eamon and I went to LAX and I danced my ass off as usual.

Stretch Armstrong closed the night with Maggie May, as a birthday gift. Amazing! Since then, I've been laying low in Los Angeles, not really sure why. But its not so bad.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Catalina is a FURRY CAT

I'm in New York, but I've got a horrible mouth infection so I can't go out!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I've been having too much fun, maybe....

No, just the right amount. I'm going to New York on thursday for a DEGRASSI PARTY with Mark and Steve and Danny Masterson. The Degrassi party isn't until Monday, but I'm going early to visit with lots of fun people. I'll be there until Tuesday. Right now I'm having terrible wisdom tooth aches and a low fever. I have to hyperheal before I travel. I gotta be healthy around my niece, Matilda, who lives in New York. Matilda RULES:

I still don't have an official job, so I'll prob end up working for my dad, which would be fun! I went to Morrissey last week which was MIND BLOWING. I'm trying to figure out a way to go to JT in Vegas, though I'm not sure how that will happen. My birthday is also next week. I'm having a joint birthday party with Luke Gilford and Taylor Zimmerman and it will be AMAAAAAAAAZING!

I went to the celebrity baseball game, where I saw Oscar from the Office and Nathan Petrelli from Heroes play baseball before the Dodger game. I ran to the front of our section and screamed, "NATHAN PETRELLI!" and he turned towards me and did a little flying gesture. If you're a heroes fan like me, that means A LOT. I'm also working with Cory Nitta to build a Roland 303 for Chris Holmes. We started yesterday, and so far it's been fun but really complex. I had to quit early last night because I was feeling really sick.

And Mark found this online:

Look for new Philippians music soon. I've already got it, and its even better than the old. Once again, if you have not heard the old, I highly reccomend checking it out.

This is the funniest picture of Taylor Nudo in the entire world.