Tuesday, October 30, 2007

frame by frame

God, what I would do for an in n out cheeseburger right now. Actually, the question should be what WOULDN'T I do for an in n out cheeseburger right at this very moment. The apartment I live in doesn't have a kitchen, just a hot plate, toaster oven and a non-functional George Foreman Grill. Ghetto ass Hampshire; creating living spaces without kitchens. Right now I'm working on a ten page paper on Perez Hilton. I never knew a blogger could have so much influence over the law and people's perspectives on entertainment culture.

I was talking to Cory Kennedy the other day, and she sent me links to all these old photos from when we were interning for Cobrasnake. I decided to make a facebook album of all the old photos. I even remember what events they were for! Here are my favorites, with commentary (below) by RAGGYMOGOW:

Downtown party at Hanging Jury, September or October 2005. This was my first event I was shooting for Cobrasnake, and within an hour of us getting there, the fire department shut down the party because it was over capacity. Even so, I remember that I had soo much fun.

Death From Above 1979 @ the El Rey. October 2005. Both Taylor and I had been kicked in the face at that show. My photograph taken moments before.

The Farmers Market, October 2005. Cory, Mark and I went to a Paper Magazine party at Acme on Melrose and La Brea. We filmed an aerobics video with Mark as the teacher. We then returned to the office to meet up with Andy and got some food at the Farmer's Market.

MF DOOM @ the El Rey, October (November?) 2005. Cory and I photographed this show on our own. It was really fun, and we got to sit on the side of the stage for the entire show. I remember I wasn't happy with how the photos turned out, but thought it was really funny that Mark called the page MF MAGGY EL DOOM.

The Office, November 2005. Cory and I were making hundreds of pins. On our break, we went to taco bell. While we may not have had the best work ethic, we certainly had the best enviornment. Working with Mark and Andy were some of the funniest days of my life.

Downtown LA & The Orpheum Theater, November 2005. Mark, Cory and I went downtown to get cards. We ended up getting the crappiest cards ever. Cory got 4, I got six. We got so many cause they kept screwing up. Whatever, we didn't pay more than $60, so it wasn't so bad. After that, we went to the Orpheum Theater for the premier of the Coachella movie, where we also met up with Stryder, Andy and Apple Ron. At the Orpheum, I tried using one of my cards, and it got taken away immediately. Oh, Alvorado.

Panda Express at Pavilion's, November 2005. Panda was all I would ever want to eat, seriously. Mark never wanted it, but actually gave in for once.

The Roosevelt and Fred 62, November 2005. Cory and I went to the Roosevelt with Andy. Bought Andy $10 dollar beers, which we thought was ridiculous. We then left and headed eastbound to get some food. At the time, Cory and I could not stop listening to Kelly Osbourne's cover of "Papa Don't Preach." In the car ride over, we were blasting and singing along with the song, and I noticed Andy was singing too. When he least expected it, I cut the music and he continued to sing his heart out. I don't think I've laughed as hard as I did that night in so long.

The Office and Pash, December 2005. Mark was out of town, so Cory (K) and I hung out at the office and did intern duties before meeting up with Chad and Cory Nitta and heading over to Pash. Goodtimes.

Xenii, December 2005. This party was in one of the Paramount lots, and it was supposed to be celebrating one of the Kings of Leon's birthdays. Mark, Cory, Lucien and I went to the party, and ran into the girls of The Like and Sir Andy Neuhues. Cory wouldn't stop making out with Jared, but it was hilarious. She Wants Revenge performed...they sucked. The party was fun until we were waiting in the valet when Lucien burned my lip with a cigarette. You can see the burn in the last photo. We then went to J in da box, stocked up on fries and onion rings and proceeded to return to the office.

Indie 1031 Christmas Party and Pash, December 2005. Cory, Foust, Jenny and I went to the Indie 1031 Christmas party at the Shrine Auditorium, where we immediately given Santa hats. We were referred to as the "cobra girls," or something like that. I'm still not entirely sure why they wanted Mark to bring girls or what our purpose was, but it was fun none the less. Giant Drag and the Like performed. After, we went to Pash for the first time.

New Years Eve @ Little Radio in Downtown LA, December 2005 - January 2006. We welcomed the New Year in that wonderful warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles. The party was sponsored by Sparks and Rolling Rock. I went with Taylor Nudo, Lauren Foust, Jenny, Cory, and Alex Webb. Maybe there were more people in our party. Either way, the party was INSANE! Certainly tied for best new years eve ever with last year.

So now that I've wasted so much time blogging, I should go back to writing my paper on a professional blogger.
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