Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"i'm making the choice to be out of touch, leave me be"

no not really, but I am having a somewhat interesting day. I went to class at mt. holyoke, ran into josh weiner, and got lost in the mt. holyoke stacks for almost 40 mintues...Why would they make the 1st floor button lead to the basement (AKA CLAUSTROPHOBIA HELL). I almost pulled the fire alarm i was so freaked out. I walked through mazes of books in the dark, cause for some reason there are no windows anywhere. This is nonsense. Czech out these sweet pics Nate[DOGG] took of me at Spring Jam last weekend...I'm having a great time as you can see. I'm totally rocking two totally 90s items of clothing: i made that neon hat when i was 4 (it says MAGGY in really beautiful glitter paint/handwriting) and the fanny pack I got...I dont even remember when. Maybe even before that hat. Either way, you know how JT brought sexy back? I'm bringing childhood/the 90s back !



Ugh, I should at least TRY and do some work. And uh, I know that people are reading this shit, so comment - i'd like some feedback tripperz.

you call it that

...i call it CALIFORNIA ! (omg i'm so BORED)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

smooth rich mellow

So i'm looking thru Mark's pictures from Coachella, drowning myself in misery that I didn't go. But whatever, I'm looking thru his pictures and AH! LOOK! MY FAVORITE BOYS.

Tony and Adrian from NO DOUBT are the coolest guys ever. They're like 45, and look exactly the same as they did in 1995. SERIOUSLY, LOOK! (Warning: some of the years are guesses, but i tried to do my research. sorry if i'm wrong)










Currently, No Doubt is on an official hiatus, Gwen Stefani went solo blahblahblah Holla Back Girl (yeah)..but I assure there will be new group photos soon. Even with braces, Gwen Stefani was hot. She can take me to the tragic kingdom anyday. But seriously, way to hold up a fucking image! They rule.

New album sooon!!!!!!!!! please be like tragic kingdom and not rock steady!


so don't give away my love

how you asked?

So, as one might notice, I'm compulsively updating tonight. I can't sleep. I'm bored.
A few things that made me really happy/I feel are absolutely necessary:

I wanna flop around on stage like Cedric.

gotta get thru this

czech out those guns! wow!!!!

all those ready for summer say I


Oh, and Brandon Boyd is soooooo hot,lol.

Monday, April 28, 2008


knives out

I wish I felt as happy as I look in the picture, but at least my hair looks pretty.


stupid girl

So um, I only have one more paper left for the school year! Whoopee! I bought myself a pair of sandals and a pair of flats as a "good job youre done with your sophomore year" gift. These are them:

CUTE! I am going to get a pedicure before the sandals arrive in the mail. Don't wanna show my nasty ass bare toes! And I also found the most beautiful shoes on the internet, but of course they're $700.

Beautiful, right? Right now, I'm bidding on a few pairs of Denim leggings, they're so freaking cute! They have all the stiching of jeans but they're leggings: 80% spandex, 20% denim! I'm bidding on a bunch of different colors: ivory, black, gray, dark gray, blue, baby blue, and pink. Very exciting, and a sweet deal, I might add. Look!

Well, now I gotta get back to doing my reading for my final paper. I am almost done! I can't wait for summer and swimming and fun and friends!!!!!! Oh and Jill, those pictures on Noa's facebook are EMBARASSING. Put some clothes on girl, thats not attractive.

Monday, April 21, 2008

re-write your perspective

photo by austin kennedy

It has been so beautiful here the past week! Out in shorts everyday. I'm almost done with my finals, and then done with school and then I AM GOING HOME! yes! it is true. I gotta figure out what I'm gonna do with my car. Hopefully get it home, somehow. My Spice Girls paper is due tomorrow, I gotta get working on that. My apartment is soooo clean ! I got a swiffer thing, and cleaned all the floors. They were so disgusting, ew ew ew. Now they're pretty clean, but I think I'll still wear my shoes(thank you very much). This weekend ruled. Next weekend will too.

Ending on this.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This album rules.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

For you, Sammy

I'm proud to present a new musical group,Wallpaper. I can't get enough of it, seriously. It's the best elektrofuck I've heard in months. It lures you in and gets you hooked. Seriously, just check it out for yourself, because I know everyone interprets music differently. Ricky Reed and Arjun Singh's debut EP, T-Rex, will be released on April 29th on Eeenie Meenie Records.

Wallpaper - "Evrytm We Do It (Kuti Shot Remix)"

Like it? For those of you in the LA area, they'll be performing soon:
April 24, 2008 @ 8:00PM: Filter Magazine Coachella Party in Indio, California
April 30, 2008 @ 8:00 PM: Club Moscow @ Boardners in Hollywood, California
May 1, 2008 @ 8:30 PM, Girl School @ the Viper Room in West Hollywood, California

And while you're at it, check out their website.

Until next time, over and out.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Eternally Missed

Lately, my luck has been off. Just a few minutes ago, I was walking around in my room and the shade from the window/skylight fell on my shoulder. That shit hurt (still does) so badly. Wow. So lately, I've been listening to all my old music (what else is new) and am once again hooked on DFA1979, which made me think about all the other things I miss. So here we go!


1. Death From Above 1979

The DFA1979 show was easily the craziest show I have EVER been to. I puked all over myself (got a new t-shirt too), got kicked in the face, and still had the time of my life. Their first EP, Heads Up, is still one of my favorites. Their debut record, You're a Woman, I'm a Machine, has been in my car for over two years. I never get sick of it. The music is so intense. This duo reached their prime and then called it quits. And whatever, MSTRKRFT, shmasterkraft. It may be one of the DFA guys, but it's not Death From Above 1979.

2. Aaliyah

Similar, but different, to DFA, Aaliyah was just reaching her prime at the time of her death. I remember hearing she had died. I was home sick from school and I turned on MTV and learned the sad news. I remember when I was younger than ten, I had my own dance to "Are You That Somebody?" It makes me so sad thinking about what she could have accomplished, because she had so much talent. So heartbreaking. Rest in peace Aaliyah, you will forever be missed.

3. The Adventures Pete & Pete

Ok, seriously, who didn't love this show? Pentunia the tattoo?! They were so weird, both named Pete and had the craziest adventures. I mostly miss Artie the strong man. Please! bring this back!

4. At the Drive-In

Before The Mars Volta and Sparta, they were combined as At the Drive-in for all you ignorant folks out there. And ATDI was so crazy. SO crazy. I can't imagine what one of their shows was like. I would kill to go! To see them all together! Cedric's vocals hadn't reached the points they've now reached, but then, it didn't matter. Nobody rocked like them, NOBODY. Miss u ATDI.

Ugh, enough of that for now. Back to HAARP, shoulder pains and cheesybread.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cheers to you

Cheers to you, from me and Matty B!

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Saturday, April 05, 2008


This is the Kewpie Mayonaise commercial I was in. Can you find me?

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break & shake & bake

I have come to realize and accept that I am stuck in the late 1990s. Its a wonderful but sad fate, because I must (but refuse to) accept that the 90s are over and boy bands & bubblegum pop no longer hold the power they used to. But for now, I will indulge in all my favorite 90s things. Here we go.


1. Nick Carter's hair:

The center part! The dark roots! The omg-my-mom-cut-my-hair and I go surfing look. The gelled "spikes". The white-boy cornrows. What a look! Nothing like it today! ooo baby baby!

2. The Spice Girls Superstar Collection

ALL FIVE SPICE DOLLS IN ONE BOX? IT MUST BE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Unfortunately in the 90s, it really was too good to be true. I remember this shit cost like $150 bucks at minimum cause it was so hard to find. I wanted them so badly, but there was no way in hell my parents would spend that on a set of dolls, and I didn't have nearly that much of my own money. But last week, I was doing some ebay research - YES, RESEARCH - and came across the set for a total of $20. I bid, I won, I conquered. My life is now complete.

3. Savage Garden's "Savage Garden"

Savage Garden's self-titled debut release is one of my favorites. The album was in my stereo for at least four years. In fact, I'm listening to it right now. The songs are such amazing pop songs, all with different styles incorporated into each. Savage Garden successfully apprpriated styles and beats from different genres (funk beats, techno melodies, 80s synth pop). I LOVE IT, I want more more more!

4. Nickelodeon's The Journey of Allen Strange

This show was so sweet. I was an extra on one episode when I was in fifth or sixth grade. Maybe fourth. Either way, it was fuckin sweet. I had so much fun. I was also obsessed with the show.

5. Rufio from Hook

What a god, sexpot Dante Basco gave his all when he played Rufio. The infamous character was the biggest role in his career. He was and still is my favorite character in Hook. Possibly my favorite character in a movie, ever. I saw him at the Roosevelt once in the parking lot. I started yelling "RU FI O" and he turned to me and raised the roof. Possibly one of the best moments of my life.

So enough procrastinating for me, back to my bff Michel Foucault.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

it's like this

I just finished the last of the Foucault I'll be reading for the semester. I am happy. But yes, Discipline & Punish was soooooooooo tight! OMG my shuffle has been so good lately. Very nostalgic. "California" by Phantom Planet just came on. Wow. TENTH grade whats up!!!! Hi Darren, if you're out there.


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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

listen now

Spring Break 2006
Buenos Aires, Argentina