Saturday, June 28, 2008


and well, if there were one photo to describe my sprng jam expreience, its this photo fo so: WHAT UP TRIPPERZ. MISS YALL.


Monday, June 23, 2008

i was dreaming when i wrote this, so sue me if i go too fast

Disclaimer: I really was half asleep as I wrote this, but it's totally true.

So Monday was my birthday, that was fun, and I had a total rager. Like serious rager, there were easily 100 people there. The best part about the entire party was when 4034792 Hampshire kids showed up, or maybe Ill update with shit tons of pics when I get them developed at "The Original 23 Minute Photo" tomorrow, but my dads internet just sucks so bad I can't update (pls fix it lardog), and I'm so tired right now. I was cleaning for seven hours today in the blazing heat, Whooopdie-fuckin-doo.

THESE ARE A FEW OF MY GREAT FRIENDS (certainly not all of them):

Without the people featured in the photographs above, my life could have seriously gone to shit. I cannot express how grateful I am for knowing these people, seriously, y'all make my life! The only reason any of my super close friends aren't up there is for one of three reasons: (1) I either don't have/like photos of you from recently from a disposable camera (Higgalicious & AZO) or (2) The photo i HAD of you was on the photo disc my stupid ass lost (Amarilla), or (3) I've realized you're not really my friend, SORRY TRUTH HURTS! But those not featured in the photos who are my other great & real friends know who they are, and I love you all so much. Why surround yourself with people who you know do dumb things, encourage others to do dumb things, and don't even have a soul? But Ugh, caring about people can really suck sometimes, as does filtering out your so-called "friends" from the real ones really sucks. Its also really weird when someone who was an active part of your life is suddenly gone forever. But don't get the impression that I'm all depressed & shit, cause that is definitely not the case. SUMMER ROXX!!!!!!



Sunday, June 15, 2008

Now & Then

Sorry, It's been a long time since I've updated. I've really just been too busy out having fun to sit around on the computer all day blogging. Here we go!

So at the beginning of the month, I attempted to move out of my parents house, into a spare room at my best bud Dora & Aric's house. They have a bunch of fake guns on the wall, and I think i had way too much fun with them. They're the best, see!?

YEAH ARIC & DORA! Unfortunately, the girl who I was subletting the room from came back early and I had to go back home. But it was SO MUCH FUN while it lasted.

Last week I was in a dunking booth with Dora for Legalize LA at the Los Feliz Street Fair. It was like being in a water park all day, only being dunked by people.  Even Jean Grey from the X-Men movies attempted to dunk me, only to disappoint me with her weak ass throw.
The dunking booth was so much fun, but by the end of the day the water was naaassty. The next day, I met up with Bianca, and we met this cool dude in Venice.

And Aric became the dog whisperer...

And then we attempted to go to a party up on Laurel Canyon at the Houdini house, only to lay in the street instead...