Sunday, November 02, 2008


So, the one week I finally have SOOOOO many ideas to blog about, my blog/gmail account was hacked. wtf. whatever, at least they didn't do much. While I was unable to blog, I kept a list of things that I must write about, so I will get on that shiz. Here we go.

1. Last weeks Gossip Girl

Not only are they making fun of my friends, or people like them, (in a very funny manner I might add) but they are playing t.A.T.u., only the BEST fake lesbian Russian pop duo ever. Own it Willa. I could go on for years about t.A.T.u., but I will spare you.

2. Snow in October.
Last week, on Tuesday, it started snowing. Now its November, but at the time it was still October. I got a brutal winter ahead of me. Good lord, I miss Los Angeles and the California weather. 323/213/310 REPRESENT. TAKING MY TIME TO PERFECT THE BEAT, AND I STILL GOT LOVE FOR THE STREETS. ITS THE M.A.G.

Last week, I went with Austin to the Banksy exhibit in New York. Apparently, after receiving ridiculous amounts of shit for spray painting an elephant at his LA show in 2006, Banksy took all his money earned from that show and put it into the New York show, which was entirely based around animals. Here's the thing, not one animal was real. In the Village Pet Shop and Charcoal Grille on seventh ave in downtown Manhattan, well, look for yourself. All the animals also moved.

Yeah, he's really amazing. Too bad that shit closed down two days ago.

4. Michael Jackson

As the title of this entry came from the estranged but amazing Michael Jackson, I would like to write about the rumors surrounding him. After reading about the apparent reunion of the Jackson 5 all over the internet, which he has since denied, I would like to take a stand on a bet that MJ will play Coachella. Anyone wanna put money down on that? I really think its gonna happen!

5. Halloween
So Halloween was actually fun at Hampshire, for the first time, ever. I dressed up as C3PO and R2D2, and yes, I'll post pictures later.

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