Sunday, November 09, 2008

still you don't regret a single day

I am constantly feeling judged by the people surrounding me. It's as though absolutely anything I do, even in secret, comes back to me with someone else's opinion, and it's usually not positive. Whatever though, it's really not that big of a deal. Here at Hampshire, everyone judges everyone to the point where the social scene is so stressful and made up of bullshit that you're more likely to have a better reputation by not speaking to anybody at all. Other than that, things are pretty awesome. Cayal came and visited this weekend, and we had a lot of fun. I wish more of my friends would come visit me, especially some of the ones in LA. But thats never gonna happen, oh well.

Today I was bored in the Library and took photos with Emily.

And no, my hair is not long enough. I want it LONGER.

A few weeks back, I went to Hannah's birthday party in New York at Citrine. For the party, everyone had to wear a wig. I went with Austin for a little bit, and then we went and hit up The Library (no, not the actual library). I had an Amy Winehouse-type wig, and Austin had a mop-top.

(Sorry Austin, I just had to show your wig)

Well, at least I know what I would like with black hair and bangs.
Now, as a parting gift, I present you with this:

Until next time.


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